Maid of Honour Duties

What are the Maid of Honour Duties? The Maid of Honour’s Duties can be a rather long list but this blog post is here to help! When you choose your Maid of Honour it is a great idea to sit down and talk to her about what it means and the responsibilities. Leading the Bridesmaids […]

Small Wedding Tips and Ideas

Small wedding tips for you. A small wedding can be so lovely and intimate.  There are so many positives to it.  If your looking for ideas and tips then this blog post is for you.  Have a fun theme Having a small wedding can mean you can get really creative when it comes to the […]

Wedding Tips to make your day special

planning your special day – Wedding Tips We all want our special day to be amazing and here are some Wedding Tips to help you on the way. Start prepping Early I know this one might seem obvious.  But the sooner you can start planning the better.  You will think you have all the time […]

The Confetti Photo

Confetti Photo

The Confetti Photo is an iconic wedding image The Confetti Photo is commonplace at most weddings. However, the origins and the meaning behind it have been mostly forgotten.Surprisingly it can be traced back to Medieval Italians who would throw objects such as mud pellets, fruit, and coins during parades. Fast forward and paper confetti was first […]

The night before your wedding

It’s the night before your wedding, maybe you have wedding jitters.  Or maybe you are just feeling excited.  Either way its a great idea to look after yourself the night before.  Here are some ideas of things to do. Get a good nights sleep We all know this is recommended every night of the year.  […]

Choosing your Wedding Venue

Tips for choosing your wedding venue When choosing your wedding venue for your big day there are a few things to consider.  Your venue will be what you are drawn to personally, when you walk into that place you may instantly see yourself being married there.  But it can also be a difficult choice if […]