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Farm Weddings captured with LOVE

Scotland, with its rugged landscapes, rich traditions, and warm-hearted people, provides a picturesque backdrop for weddings. When it comes to capturing Scottish farmer weddings through my photography, one enters a realm where nature, culture, and love intertwine seamlessly. This write-up, along with the photos you will see, delves into the unique aspects of photographing these weddings, from the stunning locations to the vibrant traditions and the intimate moments that make them truly special.

I am very lucky to be in this profession and have such a good bond and relationship within the farming community which takes me to farms all over Scotland and the UK.

I started early on in my career first photographing a Farmers’ Wedding in 2013. From then on I have got myself a great reputation within the community, and through word of mouth I have photographed hundreds of Farmers’ Weddings, mainly in Scotland and some further afield too. I just love the energy these weddings have.

They are often big weddings, with 200-plus guests, big beautiful marquees, plenty of drinks, lots of chat, lots of dancing and breath-taking scenic views.

I love a farmers wedding

One of the most enchanting elements of photographing Scottish farmer weddings is the stunning landscape that serves as a backdrop. From rolling hills to serene lochs and ancient castles, Scotland offers a myriad of settings that create a picturesque canvas for a wedding photographer.

The highlands and islands provide a rugged and romantic backdrop, while the lush lowlands offer a softer, more pastoral scene.

Capturing these diverse landscapes is essential for me to tell the story of the couple and their Wedding Day, surrounded by the Farm they either grew up on or worked on.

Embracing the Livestock and Farm

I do love to include Cows and other livestock in my photos where possible to add a unique twist to the photos.  I often get so up close and personal with these animals that they get rather intrigued by me and I end up covered in Cow Licks!!

It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy including animals in my portraits with the couples to tell the story, set the scene and make it personal to them.

 If I don’t get the opportunity to capture the livestock in my photos or if it’s not quite what the couple want to do then I always try to involve other parts of farming in my photos, and I just love when my couples are game for it!  After all they are either farmers themselves, marrying a farmer or have been brought up in the farming community so a little bit of mud and a pair of welly’s are second nature to them! 

You will see some examples of couples walking up the tyres on the Silage Pits on their wedding day, climbing up tree trunks with their bridal party for an epic shot, and driving in Tractors, 4x4s or go-carts. They often have their receptions in the lambing shed or barns in the Farm and they have been transformed from dirty working sheds into the most beautiful setting for eating and dancing in! Also on wedding days I often hang out the basket of a Cherry Picker to get the perfect shot, it’s all part of the experience!

Traditonal Scottish Farmer Wedding

Scottish farmer weddings are deeply rooted in tradition, and these traditions are not only meaningful but also visually captivating.

The bride and groom often wear traditional Scottish attire, with the groom donning a kilt and the bride a stunning wedding gown, often accented with tartan elements.

Scotland’s weddings are known for their rich and vibrant colour palettes.

Tartan patterns, lush greenery, and the deep blue of the lochs provide a feast for the eyes. I enjoy having the opportunity to play with these colours, creating striking contrasts between the rugged natural surroundings and the vibrant attire of the wedding party.

If I can get a shot of the bride and groom against the backdrop of a Scottish loch or up in the beautiful rolling hills with the scenic views, I’m in my element, with their tartan-clad bridal party, is a quintessential image that encapsulates the essence of these weddings.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Scottish farmer weddings is the warmth and hospitality of the people. The close-knit communities and the genuine affection of friends and family create an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

I feel very honoured to be documenting candid moments of laughter, tears, and heartfelt embraces that reflect the deep connections that characterize these celebrations.

Happy Clients

The ever changing Scottish weather

The ever-changing Scottish weather can be both a challenge and an opportunity for me. Rain, wind, and even mist can add a touch of drama and romance to the photos. Couples who embrace the unpredictability of the weather often end up with unique and memorable shots, such as the bride and groom sharing an umbrella or a misty silhouette against the backdrop of a mist-covered loch.

Scottish farmer weddings often feature stunning sunset moments. Whether it’s the couple sharing a quiet moment during the golden hour or a dramatic silhouette against a fiery sky, sunsets are always fun to play around with the perfect lighting to capture the romance and beauty of the day.

Planning for these moments and knowing how to work with natural light is crucial in creating magical and memorable images.

While the grand landscapes and traditional elements are undoubtedly important, the heart of any wedding lies in the candid, unscripted raw moments. I am always there in the thick of it, ready to capture the subtle glances, shared jokes, and emotional exchanges that define the day.

Whether it’s the groom’s expression as he sees his bride for the first time or the laughter of the bridal party during a heartfelt speech, these moments are the soul of a wedding album.

Photographing Scottish farmer weddings is a unique and rewarding experience that combines the beauty of the Scottish landscape, the richness of tradition, and the warmth of the people. It is a celebration of love and culture, where I have the privilege of capturing moments that tell a story of romance, connection, and heritage. From the vibrant colours and whimsical details to the unpredictable weather and candid moments, Scottish farmer weddings offer a treasure trove of opportunities for me to create images that will be cherished for generations to come.

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