Planning your Honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts  It is often an escape from everything you have to do for the wedding.  

With all the planning, work, and lead-up that goes into the wedding.  A honeymoon is much needed.  A chance to just be together and relaxed now the day is done.

Planning your Honeymoon
Make this the thing you plan together

Many parts of the wedding can be divided between you and some need to be planned together.  The honeymoon is one of them.  This makes sure the time away has a mixture of things you both like to do. 

Be careful not to copy someone else

It is often a great idea when planning your honeymoon.  To ask others where they have been.  Or maybe just the best place they have been to.  But be careful not to fall into the trap of doing exactly what they did.  You may end up finding that this isn’t for you at all.  

Planning your Honeymoon

Book a multi-stop honeymoon

If one of you loves the sea and the other the mountains.  Why not have a multi-stop honeymoon.  And visit places you will both love. 

You could mix tropical islands with cities.  Choose beaches and adventures.

It really could make the honeymoon an adventure of the life time for both of you.

Make sure to budget for extras

You never know what you might encounter on your honeymoon.  When you get to your chosen place you may find there is something you want to try or do.  Make sure you have budgeted for this.  Saved a little extra money, so that you don’t have to stop yourself doing something on the spur of the moment if you want to.  Allow for these extras when planning your honeymoon.

be brave

It’s your honeymoon.  Why not try something new you have always wanted to do?  Something different that you wouldn’t think of doing on a normal holiday.

From skiing to trekking.  Trying new foods or cultures.  What would you choose if you were feeling brave?

Be inspired

You don’t need to book the honeymoon that in your head is what you think a typical honeymoon is.  Instead, get as much inspiration as you can use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.  Save ideas in both and allow yourself to be inspired by different cities, beaches, and islands.  What grabs your attention?  What makes you go wow I would love to do or try that?

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