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Award winning photographer based in Scotland, photographing weddings in the UK and beyond.

Wedding photography captured with LOVE

It takes more than technical expertise to create exceptional wedding images,  more than luck, more than skill in lighting and posing, more than good people management and more than attention to detail……….it takes ALL of these things but most of all it takes LOVE!.

It’s the big day. The bride arrives, nervous energy and emotion is thick in the air, the anxious groom sets eyes on his stunning bride, tears of joy are shed and loved ones are enthralled.  Every small detail is captured. 

Love is in the air, smiles are all around, the clinking of champagne flutes, the string quartet’s romantic music is blowing in the wind. Kisses, hugs, laughter and tears all mingle in a love filled day.

Cheerful greetings ensue, hearty laughter comes from the mingling guests and the party is in full swing. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life…….don’t leave the memories to chance! 

The best day of your life, let me tell your story

Hi, I'm Natalie

Behind the camera... there is a Natalie that...

Loves Tea

I am a bit of a tea addict… but it has got to be Tetley and I need the tea bag left in as I like it strong (non of the weak stuff for me)

Has a Sweet Tooth

My family can’t leave any chocolate unguarded, without it vanishing.
My favourite (that I will fight you for) Is Lindt Chocolate.

Is a Hopeless Romantic

You will find me under the duvet enjoying the soppiest, most romantic Hallmark films.  Where you know they end with a happy ever after. 

Has Deep Love For Dogs

my heart was at it’s fullest when little Mika our boxer dog joined our family.

I am at my happiest when a dog chooses to say hello to me

I capture the story of your day... The Love, The Joy, The Tears, The Moments.


I am a storyteller. I capture the emotion of your wedding day in a Natural, Creative and Relaxed way. The images get to the very soul of the day so you can relive again and again how you felt at that moment.


I am passionate about capturing the magic, the story, the details and all the emotion on your big day. I LOVE my job and capture every wedding with 100% energy and love.

Building Relationships

I am a people person and I am proud of my skills in relaxing the entire wedding party on the big day and throughout your whole experience.


I love to provide my wonderful clients with a beautiful album designed by myself, to hold your memories dear for ever. 

Kind Words

"We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding than Natalie, she was amazing! She was great to work with on the day, we had so much fun getting our photos. She was so positive and encouraging and it was so amazing to get all the photos we wanted, and under a bit of time pressure before the sun went down! The photos turned out perfect and we love them. You have to put a lot of trust in a wedding photographer to capture your big day just right, and I’m so glad we picked Natalie for ours!"
Emma & Paul
Galashiels church
"Thank you so much to Natalie for beautifully capturing our special day. When planning our wedding there was no question as to who we wanted as our photographer. Your attention to detail and kind nature put us all at ease and we just felt so relaxed. We are so thrilled at the stunning photos you have taken and love looking through and reliving our wedding day. We cannot recommend you enough! Thank you so so much! Mr and Mrs Murdoch xxx"
Emma & Ewan
Peebles hydro
"Myself and my husband felt that one of the key aspects of our wedding would be ensuring we had an incredible photographer. You really can’t leave memories to chance on such an important day. We are so so glad we booked Natalie as she is unbelievably talented! The weather may not have been great on our day, however, the results were simply amazing! We cannot stop looking at them! Natalie captured our day more perfectly than we could ever have imagined. Every single detail was picked up on! Thank you Natalie for giving us these memories that we will have forever and for also being such a lovely person ☺️ Love Mr & Mrs Hall xxx"
Steph & Dalton
kailzie gardens
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